Past Projects

The Centre For Reproductive Health has worked on the following projects:

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  • National AIDS Commission – Documentation and implementation of  Sexual and Reproductive Health Best Practices in Malawi
  • Family Health and Wealth study:A Multi-country study
  • Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health in rural Malawi project: An operations research project
  • Community Safe Motherhood Initiative project in rural Malawi
  • WHO LID Capacity building Grant
  • Cervical Cancer screening and prevention project
  • User Dynamics study: Understanding the dynamics of long Acting and Permanent methods of family planning use in rural Malawi
  • Home based Family planning counselling and HIV voluntary counseling and testing in Blantyre, Malawi. A quantitative study
  • Exploring youth preferences for an integrated package of sexual and reproductive health and HIV services: a strategy to expand access and increase uptake in rural Malawi.
  • Impact of the U.S. Global Health Initiative in Malawi
  • Role of sexuality and gender in choice of FP methods in Nigeria and Malawi
  • Impact study for the promotion of SRHR project
  • Rapid Assessment for Integration of SRH and HIV/AIDS
  • Obstetric Fistula in Malawi: Experiences and perceptions of women living with fistula- pre and post surgery.
  • Obstetric Fistula Prevalence study
  • Factors influencing male participation in maternal health care
  • Obstetric Fistula Follow-up study: An in-depth interviews of women, men and husbands inn Mangochi Malawi
  • A Qualitative Assessment of the Influence of Socio-cultural and Programmatic Factors on Fertility Preferences, Contraceptive Experiences, and Reproduction Among High-Parity Families in Malawi
  • Effectiveness of Motorised Bicycle Ambulance project in rural Malawi

Improved Reproductive Health(RH) service provision and utilization

About CRH

The centre aims at providing leadership, training and research expertise in order to build the human capacity required to scale up the implementation of the national reproductive health program.

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